BTSH provides an array of services



BTSH’s behavior analysts have significant experience developing appropriate and effective programs for students with ASD and other disabilities. This includes administering assessments including (but not limited to) the VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, AFLS, PEAK, and Essentials for Living, which are used to create and guide program development in a systematic manner. Our behavior analysts are able to provide extensive training to IEP team members on how to implement programs, and they are able to monitor the effectiveness of programs by aggregating and analyzing data collected. 

Program Management

BTSH behavior analysts create, monitor, and adjust programs to ensure effective interventions are administered and target gains are being met. 

Direct Services

BTSH providers (BCBA, BCaBA, and RBT) provide high quality direct ABA services to clients of all ages and needs.  Services include administering appropriate and effective treatment plans, collecting data and monitoring progress, teaching generalization and maintenance of learned skills to ensure that skills can be used in appropriate natural settings.  Interventions include but are not limited to the following: Natural Environment Teaching, Discrete Trial Teaching, Contingency Plans, Social Stories, Behavioral Momentum, Video Modeling, and more. 

Parent Training

BTSH believes that parent involvement and learning is a vital part of the ABA program and will help ensure that skills learned can be generalized and maintained in environments that mean the most.  BTSH trains parents on general behavior interventions and interventions specific to their children.  

Social Groups

BTSH provides social groups and parings to help skills learned generalize to relationships thus creating an interactive and social environment that is important to the client and their families.

Community and School Support

BTSH has a healthy relationship with public and private schools.  BTSH has a history of successfully integrating ABA practices into various community and school settings such as the A-plus programs, YMCA, preschools, Variety School, Department of Education, and more. 


BTSH offers community and private trainings across the island on behavior interventions.   BTSH has trained such facilities as the YMCA, A-plus Programs, Mid Pacific Institution, HIDOE, Variety School and More.  

BCBA Internship Supervision

BTSH values those who aspire to be in the field of ABA and offers trainings and supervisions to those who are gaining practicum hours toward their certification.